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Proactive Cash Flow Solutions & Financial Project Management for your enterprise.

What is the value of proactive cash flow management?

Proactive Practices

Reactive Practices

  • Identify financial and operational waste.

  • Spot unprofitable business activities.

  • Set and monitor robust budgets and forecasts.

  • Create and integrate software tools that easily explain your financial positioning and performance.

  • Establish reliable relationships with your vendors, customers & bankers.

  • Setup payment processes that get your business paid on time, every time.

  • Delegate administrative tasks that give your business more time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

  • Taking on onerous debt with annual interest rates as high 50% (trust us, we have seen such offers).

  • Maxing out your credit cards, hurting your business's credit score, while accruing more interest & fees.

  • Delaying payments to your vendors, jeopardizing your business relationships, supply chain, and reputation.

  • Worrying about making the upcoming payroll.

  • Selling equity on unfavorable terms.

  • Significantly downsizing your staff and other essential resources.

  • Commencing a firesale on your inventory and assets. 

Let's be proactive together!

What is the value of Project Management in Finance?

Deadlines actually matter!

          Nearly everyone treats business deadlines as a suggestion, instead of a requirement. Why? There's little economic impact on the firm if someone asks for an extension. However, in finance, things must get done on-time, every time, or else the firm faces serious consequences, such as:

  • Audits by tax agencies

  • Interest payments and late fees

  • Upset suppliers, employees, and investors

          When we start on a project, our first step is always determining the "can't-miss" deadlines facing your firm. From there, we determine the various potential choke points of the project's progress and design our workflow and software tools and deploy our resources to mitigate or eliminate the constraint. 

          Since we value transparency, we utilize systems that keep your firm updated on our progress, while we create milestones and checkpoints that are visual to all stakeholders. We realize that your firm is purchasing "piece of mind" from us, hence, meeting our deadlines is always a top priority for us.

Central Information Hub 

         As your firm goes, you will notice that finance must have a robust relationship with every department and a seamless flow of information. Otherwise, department executives end up waiting for critical reports that will determine their strategic decisions. Or worse, they will apply outdated data to their decision-making process, which will put your firm in a tough economic position.

          We believe that all financial matters should follow a "one-piece flow" model, where new data is immediately processed into your financial systems. From which, other personnel can instantly access the critical pieces of information they need to complete their work accurately.   

Setting Standards & Systems.

          Most business leaders agree that finance is the most process-oriented function within a firm. Without strong standards & systems, routine processes become sloppy, inefficient, and inaccurate. Imagine if the most process-heavy function of a firm regular produces sloppy work, how would that affect the rest of the firm? Well, the results would not pretty as other departments would adopt laissez-faire attitudes. Finance functions radiate throughout the entire firm.

          We believe that simple standards & systems make compliance much easier. When staff members work within strong standards & systems, they have better focus and higher creativity within their job responsibilities. We utilize this approach being collaborating with your staff to understand their working needs and make recommendations based on their feedback. We always aim to make your staff's workload lighter and easier. As we mentioned earlier, if your finance department has an efficient set of standards & systems, other departments will follow suit.

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