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Gain control of your business and
Unlock your Million Dollar
Potential Today!

How we make millionaires


We take full ownership of deadlines

Do you treat your business deadlines as suggestions, instead of requirements?


In finance, things must get done on-time, every time. We value transparency. That’s why we utilize systems that keep your firm updated on our progress, while we create milestones and checkpoints that are visual to all stakeholders. By determining the "can't-miss" deadlines facing your firm, we uncover potential choke points and design our workflow and software tools to mitigate and eliminate your constraints. 


All of Your Finances in One Place

With scattered data, each department executive could end up waiting for critical reports or be working with outdated data that will hurt their strategic decisions. 

We believe that all financial matters should follow a "one-piece flow" model, where new data is immediately processed into your financial systems. From which, other personnel can instantly access the critical pieces of information they need to complete their work accurately.

Standards & Systems Tailored for You

Without strong standards & systems, routine processes become sloppy, inefficient, and inaccurate.


We believe that simple standards & systems make compliance much easier. When staff members work within strong standards & systems, they have better focus and higher creativity within their job responsibilities. We utilize a collaborative approach to understanding their working needs and make recommendations based on their feedback.

What our clients say...

Screenshot 2021-11-28 153202.png

"As a small business owner I struggled like most finding a reliable Finance Guy who would understand and support my business needs. ... Sutton Financial Experts have absolutely exceeded all expectations! I would recommend them without hesitation if you're looking for a brilliant and reliable team to meet your financial needs." - Issac W.

Screenshot 2021-11-28 153449.png

"I can't say enough great things about Alec. This man has done so much for me and my business, I can't thank him enough. Trustworthy, honest, and an absolute numbers shark. Not one penny goes unaccounted for. If you are looking for someone to run your Financials. Look no further, he's your guy!" - Brandon B.


"Alec is phenomenal. He is thorough, direct, and clear to the point. He's allowed us to financially forecast our future to make better decisions now. He's a fantastic addition to any team and we'll surely be using his services again and again. Thanks, Alec!"

- Will C. 

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